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  • 2019 Stanley, BUTTON, Thunder Theatre, Maria Bardi
  • 2019 James, BALLON, Thunder Theatre, Maria Bardi
  • 2017 George Bailey, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, Limitless Productions, Vas Constanti
  • 2017 Fred Fenster, THE USUAL SUSPECTS, LVM, Vas Constanti
  • 2017 Ferdynand, THE TEMPEST, London Voice and Motion, Vas Constanti
  • 2011 Cléonte, LE BOURGEOIS GENTILHOMME, Greece, Myrto Kontova


  • 2018 Pansy, THIS IS ME (T.I.M), Di Piu Films, Peter Heppelthwaite

Short Films

  • 2018 Nikitas, THE FABULIST, Limitless Productions, Peter Heppelthwaite
  • 2018 George/Satan, SPELLING BEE, Bonfire Productions, Hope Burgees
  • 2017 Jake, TICKET TO DESTINY, Draxmont Films, Francesco Toschi
  • 2017 John, WALK, Crazy Llama Productions, Veronika Koubova
  • 2016 Freddie, FLATLINED, Kezey Films, Fred Cliord
  • 2012 Pete, IMPATIENCE, Independent, New York, Marina Maesso
  • 2012 Nick, LIFE OF A DOG, Independent, New York, Juan David Sarmiento Burgos
  • 2012 Priest, SECRETS, Independent, New York, Marina Maesso


  • 2013 Nektarios, BROUSKO, Antenna TV, Greece, Andreas Georgiou
  • 2011 Manos, THE KINGS, Mega TV, Greece, Pierros Andrakakos


  • 2011 Client, TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY, Top Cat, Greece
  • 2010 Traveller, BLUE STAR FERRIES, Top Cat, Greece
  • 2010 Student, ION, Top Cat, Greece

Music Videos

  • 2012 Pet, PURPLE SMOKE, Independent, New York, Zera Insun Yung


  • 2013 Philip, DEMONS, Greece, Yiannis Kakleas


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