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What services we provide

Get yourself locked out? We can unlock the lock easily for you. 24 hour locksmith available.

We can make new keys for padlocks, cabinet locks, doors, and other traditional keys.

Forgotten your password to your safe? Fret not, call us and we will unlock for you.

Repair or replace malfunction locks & install new locks that you purchase.

Automotive car unlocking service are available. We provide quick and easy way to get back into your car without damaging the car door lock. Duplication of car transponder key is available.

Provides service for commercial and industrial premises.

Unlocking services (doors, gate, digital lock, safe box, letterbox and many more)

Door and gate unlock services:


Whiz Locksmith Singapore provides you 24 hours of reliable and professional services on Singapore island. The most efficient and less worrying method to unlock the door is keys. The problem is imminent when you have misplaced the keys.

Sometimes you forget the keys inside and lock the door from outside if the lock is automatic. You do not need to worry about, our locksmith services is available for you. An affordable locksmith will unlock the lock for you.

We are also available if you want lock change at your gates or doors. In this type of situation when you have lost the keys do not try to open the lock without keys by using hairpins or by using scissors. The modern locks are sturdy and resistant to these types of unusual things.

These types of methods will only make your existing lock worse and less exposed to be unlocked. Just call 24 hour locksmith Singapore service. We will be here for your unlocking services whether you have to unlock the main gate of your house or the door of your bedroom, or it may be the door of your office.

Digital unlocks:


Digital unlocks are present at our site. If you have forgotten passcode for your digital locks, then our locksmith services will provide you digital unlocks. A variety of lock solutions are available at us.

For the digital unlocks you cannot use any manual method by yourself. We will also solve your biometric or fingerprint unlocking problems if you have any. We are available any time for your digital unlocking.

If you have lost the cards to your digital lock you do not need to panic or worry about it just contact locksmith services in Singapore. We will provide you recommended locksmith for your problem at the time being.

Safe box, letterbox and others as well:


Whiz locksmith is online providing you with a variety of unlocking services and facilities. We are an affordable locksmith in every aspect. For letterboxes outside your homes and offices, we are available if there are any problems.

For your safe box that have to be unlocked in case you have lost the keys or lost access to your safe box, best locksmith service is available for your lock solutions. Lock solutions are also available at our site if you need them at any time. If you want lock change at any time, we are available for your modification service of locks as well. We will get a locksmith to you as fast as we possibly can.

Lock solutions for every type of lock are available on our website. Lock change is also available if you want to change the respective lock after unlocking. We are providing you amazing and affordable unlock facilities at the moment. A lot of other unlock services are available according to your needs and demands.

Unlocking services
Safebox unlock

Installation of locks (digital locks, mortise locks, deadbolt lock, rim lock, bedroom lock, gate lock, letterbox lock)

Door, gate, and bedroom lock services:


Whiz locksmith will provide gate locks for metal gates in Singapore at a very affordable price. Bedroom door lock service in Singapore will be offered according to your need and demand. For locks installation just call a locksmith near-by. Padlock and unlock services are also available at our locksmith Singapore website.

For any worrying situation, e.g. your child has lost the keys, or someone has been locked in the house, or you have forgotten keys somewhere. Urgent unlock is also available. We are the best locksmith in Singapore available for your amazing service and facility. The facility for the main door locks in Singapore is also given on our website.

Digital locks:


If you are searching for digital locks installation services, then lock installation at Singapore is the extreme standard. Whiz locksmith will provide you the recommended locksmith containing the digital locks. Digital locks are the most modern types of locks that do not use any type of keys as the regular locks use.

Digital locks are specialized for using control cards, passcode keypads, or even biometric sensing to read and detect a particular person’s fingerprint. Whiz locksmith provides digital door locks for homes.

We are Singapore’s best locksmith service that will provide you lock solutions to secure your homes, cars, safes, and many others. Samsung’s digital lock service is also given by us. You can easily rely on us as we are a 24 hour locksmith service provider.



Lock installation Singapore is offering you safebox locks. Locks for letterboxes are also provided by Whiz locksmith outside your homes, offices, schools and universities and other institutions.


Mortise locks and deadbolt locks:


Mortise locks are most common at commercial and upmarket residential places. Whiz locksmith also offers mortise locks as it requires a piece of wood to be cut from inside the door by making a pocket inside the door and fixing the lock inside the wooden pocket. Lock installation at Whiz locksmith is available for this service.

Deadbolt locks are available for the main doors. We are also offering amazing service of deadbolt locks because they cannot be moved to open the position except by rotating the key. We provide deadbolt locks for the main doors, doors of the room, and others like a safe box as well.

We are a very affordable locksmith for every type of locks. We will just send the recommended locksmith at your place. Locksmith Singapore charges are very reasonable according to your service.

Rim lock:


Whiz locksmith is providing a rim lock services for doors as well. It is an old and traditional lock but still provided by us. The bedroom door lock can also be of rim type lock as it is used by people and we are offering this lock installation at Singapore. 24 hour locksmith Singapore standard service is available for you.

We can provide you all these types of locks and many other locks that you need.

Installation of locks

Repair or replace of malfunction locks


The first line of security and defense for your house is your door, and on the door, the security is door lock. Whiz locksmith is an online website that offers you a variety of locksmith services online. You can call for any service at any time as we provide locksmith service 24X7 in Singapore.

We also offer another service of replacing the malfunctioned locks that are not working anymore. We also provide lock change service. The locks that have been broken down will be repaired by our locksmith near you. We will repair your locks at any time.

Sometimes there is a lock jam, and it means that the respective keys are not working for your lock. This happens if you have inserted the wrong keys and tried the wrong key to open lock several times. It also occurs if your lock has been malfunctioned by anyone.

These happenings make the locks stuck and jammed, and the particular key does not work on it now. For this type of situation, you need a lock solution or a lock change. Our locksmith services in Singapore will repair or replace the jammed locks for you.

It is also a condition that your door lock is no longer working efficiently and properly. It simply means that the lock is no longer safe, and you need a lock replacement for safety purposes. Locksmith services in Singapore are available in any case if you need a lock change or lock repairing.

Sometimes the locks need to be repaired because they are exposed to too much external pressure on a daily basis. Some locks simply need to be repaired or altered because they become too old and fragile after being too vulnerable to humans on daily basis. Whiz locksmith charges are very affordable for all these services.

Some door locks offer difficulty in the opening as they get stuck. They get opened by their respective key, but they need a trial of 2 or 3 times before opening. This is a sign for you to change the lock to overcome the difficulty of opening. We will send the recommended locksmith at your location that will do the repairing of your malfunctioned locks.

Frozen lock handles are another problem that is solved by our locksmith. Frozen lock handles are not spoiled or damaged. They are only difficult to move because the mechanism inside them gets frozen.  Whiz locksmith is also providing solutions for the frozen lock handles.

Sometimes keys get broken in the lock if you are pushing it or exerting pressure on it. Let the key move in a natural way as the lock allows it to move. If you are forcing the key in the opposite way it gets broken in the lock, and the lock gets blocked.  Whiz locksmith website provides you the best locksmith in Singapore to solve the broken key, frozen handles, jam locks and, many other problems as well.

Automotive unlocking services

Whiz locksmith is also offering automotive unlocks. As the name indicates, automotive unlocks are the unlocks related to automobiles. We are living in a modern era, and due to ever-changing and increasingly complicated locks of cars it becomes difficult to manage.

Sometimes you get entangled in a situation where there is no way out. Do not worry anymore Whiz Licksmith are here for your automobiles. We are a 24 hour working locksmith service working for you. Car unlocks are available if you call our recommended locksmith.

Sometimes you are in a rush or a hurry when getting out of the car and after some time, after getting out of the car you recall that you have locked the keys in the car. For the automotive unlocks just call our locksmith near-by.  It can also be a situation that you are missing car keys, and you are out of the station and need an emergency locksmith to unlock your car. We are also here for your car unlock services.

Whiz Locksmith eradicate the need for costly key replacement. It is a great possibility that due to your carelessness, your child can suffer great damage in the vehicle after being locked for a long time. This typically happens when there is switching in both the parents for the driving schedule. A delay in memory occurs, and parent sometimes forgets keys inside the car or loses it somewhere else.

Only the problem occurs when your child gets locked in the car. A great atmosphere of suffocation is created if the engine is off. The child can also get attacked by a heat stroke or by hypothermia of the heater or AC of your car is on. In this condition, when your child gets locked in the car, and you are in Singapore, immediately contact us for our locksmith services in Singapore.

Urgent unlock service will be given for your child safety. We will immediately unlock your car and bring your child out safe and sound. We are a very reasonable and affordable locksmith for every type of locks either they are related to car unlocks, or they are related to the doors of your houses.

Sometimes your key gets stuck in your car door or gets broken in your ignition, and it will make a car lockout condition for you. If this happens to you, you will panic to get out of the situation as soon as possible. An automotive unlock service is available for you at this point.

Our locksmith expert will be there upon your request. Whiz locksmith will provide you recommended locksmith for automobiles. We will carefully remove and eliminate all broken pieces stuck in your ignition portion of the car.

Locksmith at Singapore will repair all the damages and replace the broken keys with duplicate as well. We have experts for your automotive unlocking, who will solve all situations for your ease. You do not need to panic if you have locked keys in the car and are unable to do anything. Missing the car keys will not be problem if you will contact us for help.


Duplication of keys and car transponders

Car transponders is another service given by Whiz Locksmith. The transponders is a small pen-like device embedded in the head of the car key. This device receives signal and produces another signal in response.

Providing a car key duplicate is not easy. As you are also aware that in modern technology it is difficult to make a car key duplicate due to privacy and security reasons. But we are the best locksmith in Singapore that will provide your car key duplicates if you have lost the originals. But this will involve some security issues as well.

We will provide you the car transponders that will help you to locate your car. This process basically involves the signal transmitter and signal receiver. Whiz Locksmith is providing this service for your key transponders of car. Just let us know if you need this amazing service. We will provide you the recommended locksmith for your facility.


Residential and commercial locksmith services

Whiz locksmith is the online website that knows that behind the door of your house lies the most valuable information. We know that for the residential there is a need for bolt locks, rim locks, and digital door locks for homes.

As people demand a high degree of security and accessibility to the locks. When you are secure and feel convenient for these door lock installation in Singapore.Try our service. We are an affordable locksmith for all these security locks installation. The residents can try our services at their main door locks in Singapore and at the doors of bedrooms as well. We will provide digital locks installation for your residential services as well as bolt and rim locks.

You will need residential lock installation in Singapore in the following conditions:

  • If you want to install a new and secure lock at your door.

  • If your door lock has been tampered with.

  • If your lock is jammed and not working properly.

  • If keys get broken into your lock.

  • If the keys get stolen or get lost by you.

  • If the handle of lock becomes frozen and it is difficult much to rotate.

  • If you want a lock change.

  • You want to modify and upgrade existing manual lock to digital lock.


For all the services mentioned above just call us at any hour of the day. For residential services, we cover homes, apartments, flat containing building, and small private offices.  As the locksmith Singapore charges for the residential services are very affordable and reasonable. A recommended locksmith will be sent to your location immediately upon your request.

Whiz Locksmith are also providing you locksmith services at commercial scale. As the commercial areas mostly involve offices and work-related areas. These offices have costly equipment like projectors, PCs and extremely valuable information relating to certain ideas. We will offer you a much-guaranteed lock installation in Singapore. Thus all the data and information will be highly secured.

We will provide the following services at commercial levels.

  • Installation of locks at the doors.

  • Digital door locks for offices.

  • The main door locks installation in Singapore.

  • Samsung digital lock facility will also be provided.

  • Lock change for more secure locks.

  • Lock solution for any urgent situation.

  • Safe box locks at offices are given to store all the valuable information.


Commercial locks are of different types to meet a particular company’s conditions. Whiz locksmith is only here to provide you the best and most advanced secure locksmiths for your small and large offices and large corporate buildings.

Just get benefit from you whenever you need. We are offering:

  • Gate locks for metal gates in Singapore.

  • Locks installation at glass doors.

  • Lock installation on heavy-duty doors.

  • Digital locks for the main gate, entry gates, and safe boxes.


For all the services described above, call our locksmith near you. We will send the recommended locksmith according to your needs. You can get your work done at extremely affordable prices.

Residential commercial
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